Grant Cycle

  • The Foundation Board of Directors sets the selection criteria against which grants are evaluated.
  • Updated grant application documents are published and notification is made to District employees.
  • Applicants secure the grant packages and author their applications.
  • Applications are submitted to the appropriate School Principal at least three weeks prior to the submission deadline for their review.  Principals complete the “Supplement to Grant Application” and sign it.
  • Grant applicants submit their grant applications, either by scanning and emailing the package to the Foundation Grant Coordinator, or by regular mail by February 1 of each year, or the date published by the Foundation is chosen to be different.
  • The Grants Chairperson gathers all applications, logs them on a tracking form, redacts identifying information from the body of the grant, and forwards the redacted copies to the Grant Review Committee.
  • The Review Committee individually scores each grant against the established criteria and meets collectively with the Grants Chairperson to provide their results.
  • Following the review session, the Grants Chairperson logs the results and produces a ranked list of grants based upon the Committees collective scoring.
  • The Foundation Board of Directors meets after financial totals are determined from the Annual Dinner and sets the budget for the upcoming year.
  • The Grants Chairperson provides the ranked list of grants, with no identifying information, to the Board and they determine if they wish to expand funding should several grants be very close in score and confirm an updated budget, if any.
  • The Grants Chairperson then meets with District Administration to have them review the proposed grants for approval.  Administration determine if any changes have occurred since original review in the four key areas and also to determine if funding is being provided or can be provided from another source for any of he grants.
  • Once Administration review is complete, the final grant list is approved and submitted to the School Board for their acceptance of the funds as a gift to the District.  This is typically completed at the first meeting in May of each year.

Following acceptance by  the School Board, all grant applicants are notified of their approval status, typically before the end of the school year  This allows grant recipients to acquire materials needed to deliver their grant programs in time for the start of the upcoming school year.