The Grant Process

 The detailed activities for the Grant Process are outlined in the next subsection of this site.  An overview of the process is outlined here.

Grant application forms are available through the Foundation.  Grant applications may be submitted in two levels; the first is for programs up to $750, the other is for any program requesting more than $750.  There is no upper limit for a grant program request.

Applicants may download the current Grant Application Package from this web site or request a package from the Foundation.  The updated Grant Application Package is made available after November 1 of each year for the upcoming year.  Grant applicants have until February 1 of each year to submit their Grant Application.  The application is reviewed by the Principal of the receiving school, prior to submittal, to confirm that the application is in compliance with different important areas.

Once submitted, the application has identifying content removed by the Grants Application Chair.  Copies are provided to an anonymous committee of Judges who score each grant against the criteria established by the Foundation Board.  The judges’ scores and comments are compiled into a rank list for review by the Foundation Board once the budget is approved.

Once the annual dinner is completed, donation revenues are reviewed and the budget is set for the upcoming grant cycle year.  The Judges list is reviewed after the budget is approved and discussion occurs on potential increase of the grant budget.  The list is approved and the grants, still in an anonymous format, are presented to the District Administration for their review to confirm compliance with updated applicable laws.

The finalized approved grants list is submitted to the School Board at the first regular meeting for their acceptance of the funds.  Once approved by the School Board, grant applicants are notified of the approval status of their submitted applications, typically before the current school year dismisses for the summer.  Grant recipients then have the option to obtain materials for the approved programs in time for the start of the next school year.