View Payment Process

  • Grant applicant completes a Purchase Requisition for each vendor from which they require materials.
  • Grant applicant confirms if the vendor accepts the Purchase Requisition from the applicant.
  • If accepted,
    • the applicant sends a copy of the Purchase Requisition to the vendor and to the Foundation Treasurer
    • the vendor sends an invoice to the Foundation Treasurer once materials are shipped
    • the Treasurer confirms materials are received by the grant applicant
    • the Treasurer processes the payment and sends a check to the vendor
  • If the Purchase Requisition is not accepted by the vendor prior to ordering materials,
    • the applicant sends the completed Purchase Requisition to the Foundation Treasurer
    • the Treasurer works with the vendor to process the order and provide payment

As a note, vendors who refuse to accept a Purchase Requisition from the applicant on behalf of the Foundation may take longer to process so as to ensure materials are indeed provided to the grant applicant by the vendor.  Typically, the Foundation Treasurer can come to reasonable terms to process orders of this nature.  If there are significant concerns with the proposed vendor, the Foundation Treasurer will advise the applicant to seek a different vendor.