How to Apply for Grants

Program Grants 

Grant applications are accepted from teachers, administrators, parents, and community groups.  Programs must directly serve the educational needs of the students of Valley View District 365-U and must be reviewed by the school Principal prior to submission to the Foundation, acknowledging that they have reviewed the grant application for compliance in four key areas - Curriculum & Instruction, Operational Requirements, Statutory & Contractual, and Technology: Instructional & Administrative.   More detail surrounding these areas can be found on the document entitled “Supplement to Grant Application” included with the Grant Application packages.  Issues identified during this review must be resolved before the grant application is submitted.

The Foundation wishes to encourage and reward creative thinking surrounding the educational experience of the student.  As such, the Principal review is not intended to discourage grant application submission but to ensure awareness of and compliance with applicable laws and legal requirements.  Grant programs may be designed to serve a classroom, the entire school, several schools, or the entire District.

Grant applications and supporting materials can be downloaded from this site and submitted to the Foundation through this site or by mail beginning November 1 of each year.  It is suggested that grant applications with supporting materials, such as catalog information, be submitted by mail.  The deadline for complete submissions, including all required documents, are due by February 1 of each year for the upcoming school year.  The School Principals will review the application for compliance with District and State policies and regulations. Therefore, Grant Applications should be submitted to the Principal’s office three weeks prior to the submission deadline of February 1 to allow enough time for any modifications.  Earlier submission is recommended. The Grant Application must be submitted electronically by scanning and emailing all documents to the Foundation Grant Coordinator at or
postmarked and mailed by February 1 of each year. The Supplement to Grant Application (Principal’s checklist) postmarked and mailed by February 1 of each school year.

The Foundation will post notification of any change to the submission date if one occurs on this site and send out notification to the schools through the District e-mail system.

Grant applicants should carefully read the supporting documentation, including instructions on how to fill out a grant, before beginning the process.  The approved version of the grant applications will only be available on this site.